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P.2071 - §1 The Hellenization of Christianity started in earnest on that eventful day when the Apostle Paul stood before the council of the Areopagus in Athens and told the Athenians about "the Unknown God." There, under the shadow of the Acropolis, this Roman citizen proclaimed to these Greeks his version of the new religion which had taken origin in the Jewish land of Galilee. And there was something strangely alike in Greek philosophy and many of the teachings of Jesus. They had a common goal--both aimed at the emergence of the individual. The Greek, at social and political emergence; Jesus, at moral and spiritual emergence. The Greek taught intellectual liberalism leading to political freedom; Jesus taught spiritual liberalism leading to religious liberty. These two ideas put together constituted a new and mighty charter for human freedom; they presaged man's social, political, and spiritual liberty.

A map of Acropolis and its surroundings.

  Areopagus (Supreme Court)
Areopagus now

(this is the site where Paul made a speech about the "unknown God."

An old painting of Areopagus.

Phryne before Areopagus (Supreme Court in Athens)
  Artifacts from Athens
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Note the rosetts on the brow of the sphinx, which guards the tree of life. In the UB, primary midwayers performed this task..



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athens athens
geo amphora
old man

old man



CIPHKARIOU (serikariou) = silk trader. This is a funerary inscription of a silk trader in Athens.

Athenian coinage