Top Five Things to See in Berlin


 P.894 - §1 By 5000 B.C. the evolving white races were dominant throughout all of northern Europe, including northern Germany, northern France, and the British Isles. Central Europe was for some time controlled by the blue man and the round-headed Andonites. The latter were mainly situated in the Danube valley and were never entirely displaced by the Andites.

P.1370 - §4 About the middle of May the lad accompanied his father on a business trip to Scythopolis, the chief Greek city of the Decapolis, the ancient Hebrew city of Beth-shean. On the way Joseph recounted much of the olden history of King Saul, the Philistines, and the subsequent events of Israel's turbulent history. Jesus was tremendously impressed with the clean appearance and well-ordered arrangement of this so-called heathen city. He marveled at the open-air theater and admired the beautiful marble temple dedicated to the worship of the "heathen" gods. Joseph was much perturbed by the lad's enthusiasm and sought to counteract these favorable impressions by extolling the beauty and grandeur of the Jewish temple at Jerusalem. Jesus had often gazed curiously upon this magnificent Greek city from the hill of Nazareth and had many times inquired about its extensive public works and ornate buildings, but his father had always sought to avoid answering these questions. Now they were face to face with the beauties of this gentile city, and Joseph could not gracefully ignore Jesus' inquiries.

1. Gemelde Gallery


2. Pergammon Museum displays a panoramic view of Pergammon during its heyday, Panorama of the Ancient Metropolis. A must see if you want to get a glimpse of What a Greek city was like during the time of Jesus.



3. Brandenberug Tor (Gate)

Berlin Hauptbahnhof (central train station)

KaDeWe shopping mall

Remains of Pergammon  
   Ishtar Gate
  4. Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin


Extreme methods were used to transport escapees.

    construcging the wall


Four come through (the tunnel).

Remains of the Berlin Wall


5. Alte Nationalgalerie

Altes Museum

Bode Museum (not pictured) has the best coin collections in the world.