"There is Paradise in heaven, Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth." (A Chinese proverb)

  West Lake
 A lotus flower in West Lake
 Paifang, Chinese style gate.
 Wind-rain Pavilion
A pleasure boat in West Lake
 A walk on an island.
 another pleasure boat
  An artist's house and a landmark in front of his house. (Lin Fong Min)
 West Lake became a World Heritage site in 2011.
 bamboo forest.
 A large ritual vessel is displayed in Qinghefang.
 another ritual vessel (cong)
 A merchant in Qinghefang.
  The oldest Chinese herbal medicine shop.
 The emperor dined here.
  Xixi (West Valley)
 silk embroidery
 a bamboo street
 dining in a boat restaurant.
 Bronze statues entice customers to the boat restaurants.