Encyclopedia Urantia, Part II


Part I. The Central and Superuniverses

Part II. The Local Universe

Part III. The History of Urantia

Part IV. The Life and Teachings of Jesus

32. The Evolution of Local Universes (p.357)

Nebadon (p.357)

two hundred thousand light-years (p.359)
two hundred and fifty thousand light-years (p.360)

33. Administration of the Local Universe (p.367)

Salvington (p.367)


34. The Local Universe Mother Spirit (p.374)

Personalization of the Local Universe Mother Spirit (p.374)

Immanuel (p.370)
Gabriel (p. 369)
Paradise Sons of God in Nebadon (p.384)


35. The Local Universe Sons of God (p.384)

Local universe sons (p.384)
Father Melchizedek (p.384)
Melchizedeks (p.385)
Journey to Salvington (p.387)


Melchizedek worlds (p.387)
Vorondadeks (p.389)
Vorondadek worlds (p.391)
Lanonandeks (p.392)
Lanonandek council (p.393)

Lanonandek worlds (p.394)

36. The Life Carriers (p.396)

Life Carriers (p.396)

Life Carrier worlds (p.397)

Decimal Planets (p.398)

Life Implantation (p.399)
Adjutant Mind-Spirits (p.401)

37. Personalities of the Local Universe (p.406)

Brilliant Evening Stars (p.407)
Worlds of the Brilliant Evening Stars (p.408)


Archangels (p.408)

Abandonters (p.415)
Mansion World Teachers (p.413, 550)
Susatia (p.414)
Permanent Citizens (p.415)

38. Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe (p.418)

Local Ministering Spirits (p.418)
Seraphim (p.418)
Material Sons and Daughters (p.418)
Seraphic worlds (p.420)

Cherubim and Sanobim (p.422)



Morontia Cherubim (p.423)

39. The Seraphic Hosts (p.426)

Seraphic hosts (p.426)
Supreme Seraphim (p.427)


Superior Seraphim (p.429)

Supervisor Seraphim (p.432)

Administrator Seraphim (p.434)

Planetary Helpers (p.436)
Seraphic Transports (p.438)
Transition Ministers (p.439)

Seraphic destiny (p.440)

Seraphic Corps of Completion (p.441)
The erroneous idea that angels possess wings (p.438)


40. The Ascending Sons of God (p.443)


41. Physical Aspects of the Local Universe (p.455)


42. Energy --Mind and Matter (p.467)

Monota, Triata and Gravita (p. 470)

Ultimatons (p. 476)

Physical Energies (p. 469)

43. The Constellations (p.485)

Edentia (p.485)

Top view of 771 worlds


Ascenders on Edentia

constellations (p.485)

Three Houses in Constellations (p.487)
Most Highs (p.488)

Univitatia (p.493)


44. The Celestial Artisans (p.497)

Celestial Artisans (p.497)


The majority of Urantia mortals react to music so largely... (p.500)

The celestial musicians are occupied with the production of celestial harmony. (p.499)

45. The Local System Administration (p.509)

Journey to transitional culture worlds of Jerusem (p.509)



24 Elders on Jerusem (p.513)
Journey to Jerusem (p.532)
Journey to Edentia (p.456)

46. The Local System Headquarters (p.519)

Jerusem (p.519)

Jerusem Circles of the Sons of God (p.524), cross section view

Michael Memorial, Jerusem, ground view, cross section

Jerusem Circles of Angels (p.525)

The Circles of the Universe Aids (p.525)

The Circles of the Mechanical Controllers (p.526)


47. The Seven Mansion Worlds (p.530)

The Finaliter World (p.530)

The Probationary Nursery (p.531)

Resurrection Halls (p.532)
Mansion worlds
Mansion World 1 (p.532)

Mansion World 2 (p.534)

Mansion World 3 (p.535)

Mansion World 4 (p.537)

Mansion World 5 (p.537)
Mansion World 6 (p.537)
Mansion World 7 (p.538)

48. The Morontia Life (p.541)

Morontia spheres (p.541)

Morontia Transformations (p.541)

Only a poet can discern poetry in the commonplace prose of routine existence (p.557)

Sappho of Pompeii

49. The Inhabited Worlds (p.559)

Anova (p.559 )


50. The Planetary Princes (p.572)

Planetary Princes (p.572)

51. The Planetary Adams (p.580)

Material Sons and Daughers (p.580)

The race of dominance ... is the red man (p.584)

52. Planetary Mortal Epochs (p.589)

the dawn of the golden age of the home (p.592)

53. The Lucifer Rebellion (p.601)

Lucifer (p.601)

Lucifer Rebellion (p.601)

Lanaforge (the System Sovereign) (p.608)

54. Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion (p.613)

Jerusem prison worlds (p.616)


55. The Spheres of Light and Life (p.621)


56. Universal Unity (p.637)