P.1339 - §4 Throughout the whole wide world, no matter where the Jews found themselves dispersed by commerce or oppression, all with one accord kept their hearts centered on the holy temple at Jerusalem. Jewish theology did survive as it was interpreted and practiced at Jerusalem, notwithstanding that it was several times saved from oblivion by the timely intervention of certain Babylonian teachers.

Ancient map of Jerusalem during the time of Christ, used by permission from Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections Department, Brandeis University. Source

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According to Sarah Shoemaker, the map is from a book entitled "El devoto peregrino y viage de Tierra Santa," and the author is Antonio del Castillo. The edition in the Brandeis University library was published in Paris by Antonio Mureto in 1666.

1 casareu agrippinum Emperor Agrippa's palace
2 Tabernaculum Sion Zion Tabernacle
3 Torcularia Regis Royal winepress
4 Arx Antigoni Antigone's Fortress/citadel
5 Carcer Civitatis state (community) prison
6 Caenaculum Anguli Corner upper room
7 Dom. Simonis Pharis House of Pharisee Simon
8 Pisanum Castrum Pissan's castle
9 Regia Grapte residence of Grapte?
10 Arca faederis Ark of covenant
11 Altare Thymiam altar of Thymiam?
12 candelabra aurem golden candelabra
13 Booz columnae pillars of Boaz
14 Conch a aenea bronze shell
15 Domus concily House of council (Sanhedrin)
16 Mare aeneum bronze fountain/sea (p.1378)
17 Porta nova New gate
18 Porta sacra holy gate
19 Porticus Templi temple portico
20 Lapidatia Zacharia  
21 Lapidatia Christi stone's throw of the Christ
22 Porta Aquilonarius Northern gate
23 Porta Australis Southern gate
24 Porta Orientis Eastern gate
25 Turres Buccinatoru Trumpet tower (trumpet blast, p. 1684)
26 Vbi Chris digito in terra scrip "where Christ wrote with fingers on the ground"? (note the people running away)
27 Eaecit flagello vendentes whipped vendors
28 via crusis way of the cross?
29 via introit equoru horse entry way
30 impositio crucis bearing cross?
31 Ius casus cum Cruce Jesus falls with the cross
32 occursus Mariae Meeting Maria
33 Angariatio Cyrenes pressing (commandeering) a Cyrenean
34 Media turis middle tower
35 Turris Phasellus Phasael's tower
36 Xenodochium hospital
37 Lapis angularis corner stone
38 Turris angularis corner tower
39 Turris David David's tower
40 Turris excelsa High tower
41 Turris furnorum  
42 Tuguriu S. Pelagiae St. Pelagie's cave
43 Abba Padre locus s. Apostl location of Abba Father (prayer) with apostles?
44 locus octo apostoloru location of 8 apostles
45 Hic Chris a Iuda tradictus Here Christ is betrayed
46 Hic Chris desol. praed. Ierusal Here Christ predicts the desolation of Jerusalem
47 Sepulchru Domini sepulchre of the Lord
48 Vallis Raphaim valley of Rephaim
49 2 dus. casus Chris cum Cruce Christ falls with the cross the second time
50 Nolite flere super me don't cry about me?
51 tertius casus chris cum cruce Christ falls with the cross the third time
52 secunda donudatio Christi Christ reveals the second time?
53 Crusis impositio Christ is hung
54 Foramen in quo crux est posita the hole where the cross is positioned
55 Stabant iuxta cruce Iesu Mater eius etc. Next to the cross, Jesus' mother stays?
56 Christi vestiment divisio Christ's robe is divided
57 Christus mortuus in gremio Matris Christ's body in mother's chest
58 Apparitio Christi SS mulieribus Christ's apparition appears to women?
59 Apparitio Christi discipulis cuntibus in Emmaus Jesus' apparition appears to brothers on their way to Emmaus
60 Silva forest
61 via in Samaria et Galileam road to Samaria and Galilee

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This map has more accurate descriptions of places than the following three maps. It appears that Antonio del Castillo has seen Adrichem, Christiaan van, 1533-1585
IERVSALEM, et suburbia eius, sicut tempore Christi floruit, cu locis, in quib' Christ pass' est. [1590] and corrected some errors. For example, Adrichem depicts the house of Mary, mother of John Mark, and the Upper Room in separate locations. According to the UB, they are in the same location and Elijah and Mary's house was inside the city wall.

Jerusalem map 2 Hierosolyma (1657). This map shows the location of Lazarus' tomb, #86. (Jewish National and University Library)

Jerusalem map 3


used by permission (October 20, 2009 - October 20, 2024). English translation is provided. (11 Mb)

The National Library of Israel, Shapell Family Digitization Project, Eran Laor Cartographic Collection, and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dept. of Geography, Historic Cities Project. Hierosolyma (1656). This color map is similar to that of Antonio del Castilo (1666).


Jerusalem map 4 Hierosolyma (1590). This map is similar to the above, turned 90 degree (by a quarter revolution).

(used by permission, original source (Return to God)

1 Mount of Olives
2 Mount Moriah
3 Mount Zion
4 Kidron Valley
5 Tyropoeon Valley
6 Hinnom Valley
7 Jerusalem 30 A.D.
8 Home of High Priest
9 Palace of Herod The Great
10 Hasmonean Palace
11 Fortress Antonia
12 Pool of Israel
13 King David's Tomb
14 The Second Temple
15 City of David
16 Bethesda Pool
17 Court of Women
18 Pool of Siloam
19 Mount of Olives Ascent/Descent
20 Royal Stoa
21 Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
22 Garden of Gethsemene
23 Golgotha - Yeshua's Crucifixion
24 The Garden Tomb
25 Potter's Field
26 Tophet


Mount of Olive is on the eastern side of the temple. Jesus would have come down from the Mount of Olives and climbed and entered the temple through the Golden Gate.

(used by permission from Dr. Satterfield, Brigham Young University Idaho. Visit the source for more detailed explanations.)

1.   The Temple

2.   Southern Wall and Royal Stoa

7.   The location of the Western Wall (Wailing Wall)

11.  The Mount of Olives

13. The Kidron Valley (as it appears today)

15.  City of David (Mt. Ophel)

17. The Pool of Siloam

18. The Tyropoean Valley

20. Lower City (Poor section)

23. Upper City (Wealthy section)

24. David's Tomb

27. The Theater

28. The Market Place

29. Herod's Palace

36. Antonia Fortress (NT - Castle)


source: J B Phillips

This map shows the road from Bethany to Jerusalem, which Jesus followed whenever he visited Lazarus' family.


Model of the Temple.

Mount of Olive is on the east of the Temple, and Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem would have been through the Golden Gate on the eastern side.

judea judea

Map of the city, British Museum.

holy tree of life
city ossuary
entering Jerusalem
entrance to the Old City
Western Wall
women and children are not allowed to enter the prayer area of the Western Wall.
wait area for women