Jesus' appearances after resurrection

appearance to whom where when how long what he did/said

5 women:
Mary Magdalene
Mary, the mother of Alpheus twins
Salome, the mother of Zebedees
Joanna, the wife of Chuza
Susanna, the daughter of Ezra of Alexandria

the tomb of Joseph Arimathea April 9 (Sunday), early morning, probably after 4:30 am Maybe 5 minutes

"Touch me not"

"Tell my apostles that I have risen"

2nd Mary Magdalene " April 9
probably around 6 am
maybe 1 minute "...again tell them I have risen."
3rd James, the younger brother of Jesus
Bethany, garden of Lazarus about noon, April 9 3 minutes "... follow after me"
4th 20 people, David Zebedee's family and friends Martha's at Bethany a little before 2pm probably 1 minute "Come, therefore, all of you into the fellowship of the Spirit of Truth"
5th about 25 women believers Joseph Arimathea's 4:15 pm, April 9 maybe 1 minute "...Go to all the world proclaiming this gospel."
6th about 40 Greeks Flavius's 4:30 pm, April 9 maybe 1 minute "Go you, therefore, to all the world, proclaiming this gospel of salvation..."
7th Cleopas and Jacob (Emmaus brothers) on the way to Emmaus about 5 pm probably two hours (walking about 4 miles to Emmaus) until about sunset. Taught the two brothers, saying that " he will pour out his spirit upon all flesh."
8th Peter John Mark's garden about 8:30 5 minutes "Gird yourself, Simon, for the battle of a new day..."
9th 10 Apostles (not Thomas) John Mark's Upper Room after 9pm probably 1 minute "Have faith in God; have faith in one another..."
10th Abner, Lazarus + 150 people. This includes 50 of the Seventy. Philadelphia

April 11 (Tuesday)

after 8pm

probably 1 minute "Go, then, into all the world proclaiming this gospel of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men to all nations and races ..."
11th 11 Apostles, including Thomas John Mark's April 15 (Saturday), about 6 pm probably 5 minutes "Go to Galilee..."
12th Rodan + about 80 believers Alexandria April 18 (Tuesday), about 8:30 pm probably about 2 minutes "Go you, therefore, into all the world preaching this gospel, and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the ages."
13th 10 Apostles (without Simon) + John Mark by the lake, Galilee April 21 (Friday) 6 am. Left at 10 am about 4 hours visited with apostles two and two.
14th 11 Apostles Capernaum, nearby mount of ordination April 22 (Saturday) noon as promised 1 hour The apostles were rededicated to the former pledge of ambassadorship.
15th More than 500 believers near Capernaum Bethsaida April 29 (Saturday), 3 pm probably 1 minute Jesus only said: "Peace be upon you, and my peace I leave with you."
16th 11 Apostles, women's corps and associates + about 50 leaders courtyard of Nicodemus May 5th, 9 pm probably1 hour Jesus taught them: "Therefore, go you now into all the world preaching this gospel of the kingdom of heaven to all men."
17th Nalda + about 75 believers in Samaria Sychar, near Jacob's well May 13 (Saturday), about 4 pm probably half an hour. "Go, then, into all the world telling this good news to all creatures of every race, tribe, and nation."
18th believers in Tyre Tyre May 16 (Tuesday), a little before 9 pm probably half an hour Jesus taugh them: "And when you go abroad to tell all nations the good news of this gospel, I will go before you ..."
19th 11 Apostles Mark's Upper Room May 18 (Thursday), early morning (6? am) probably 90 minutes till ascension at 7:30am. Jesus taught: "... will we send into this world of my sojourn the Spirit of Truth; and when he has come, you shall begin the new proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom, first in Jerusalem and then to the uttermost parts of the world."
total more than 927 people Jesus appeared to friends and believers.   about 12 hours common message: Go tell allnations the gospel.