Master Spirits

  P.184 - §1 The Seven Master Spirits of Paradise are the primary personalities of the Infinite Spirit. In this sevenfold creative act of self-duplication the Infinite Spirit exhausted the associative possibilities mathematically inherent in the factual existence of the three persons of Deity. Had it been possible to produce a larger number of Master Spirits, they would have been created, but there are just seven associative possibilities, and only seven, inherent in three Deities. And this explains why the universe is operated in seven grand divisions, and why the number seven is basically fundamental in its organization and administration.

P.184 - §2 The Seven Master Spirits thus have their origin in, and derive their individual characteristics from, the following seven likenesses:

P.184 - §3 1. The Universal Father.
P.184 - §4 2. The Eternal Son.
P.184 - §5 3. The Infinite Spirit.
P.184 - §6 4. The Father and the Son.
P.184 - §7 5. The Father and the Spirit.
P.184 - §8 6. The Son and the Spirit.
P.184 - §9 7. The Father, Son, and Spirit.

P.184 - §10 We know very little about the action of the Father and the Son in the creation of the Master Spirits. Apparently they were brought into existence by the personal acts of the Infinite Spirit, but we have been definitely instructed that both the Father and the Son participated in their origin.

Seven Master Spirits and their respetive Superuniverses.
Seven Master Spirits outside the dark gravity bodies.

Supreme Executives manage their respective superuniverses from their headquarters worlds.

The geographical distance between each Supreme Executive and the Superuniverse he administers varies because of clockwise movement of the Paradise spheres and the counterclockwise rotation of the seven Superuniverses.

Once in a while each Supreme Executive faces his Superuniverse when it is closes to him as shown here, but this is only temporary.

They become farther apart as they move in opposite directions.