Things to See in Moscow

  Entrance to Kremlin

The Kazan Cathedral

Who is washing the windows everyday?

 Lenin Mausoleum
 Spasskaya Clock Tower
 Red Square
   Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed
  GUM (a fancy Shopping Mall)
  Cathedral of the Dormition, 1475-79


Designed by Italian architect Aristotele Fioravanti.

 side view
  Cathedral of the Annunciation


Cathedral of the Annunciation was built in 1485-89. It served as the church for the csar.

  Ivan the Great Bell Tower, 1505-08
 domes of the Upper Savior Cathedral, 1679-81.
  Cathedral of Archangel Michael


Cathedral of Archangel Michael is the burial church of Muscovite princes and first csars.

Archangel Michael is the patron of the Russian Army.

Christ is Risen!

 Grand Kremlin Palace
   Kremlin's wall


Grand Kremlin Palace is seen behind the wall.

 Eternal flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
 About 1 million Russians died during the siege of Leningrad.
 A Statue of General Georgy Konstantinovich Zukov
  Lovers leave locks here, symbolizing permanent union.
  Tretyakov Gallery
  Tretyakov was a private collector.
 poster advertising a chess match.
   Cruising on the Moscow River


Archangel's Cathedral (left), and the Bell Tower.

 Monument to Peter the Great
 A Russian space shuttle, which flew once.
   Novodevich Convent
  People in the Streets of Moscow
 Manege and Theatre Squares
  Foreign Businesses in Moscow
 БyPГEP KИHГ = Burger King
 Planeta Sushi
 Chocholadnitza. It probably means chocolate shop.
 Staraya Ulitza (Street)
 Caffeine Territoria Coffee is a rival to Starbucks
 BEHДи'C = Vendi's = Wendy's
 KOФE Xayз = Kofe Haus = Coffee House
 Лeto (Leto = summer) AЙC (Ais = Ice) ДPAЙB (DRAIV = Drive).
 My My = Mu Mu = Moo Moo
   Interesting Landmarks in Moscow
 A meeting with the author. Many such meetings are held in bookstores.
 Insignia of the KGB in front of the building.
  fancy apartments and malls.
 Duma (Parliament)
 small theater
 Bolshoi (big) Theater
 Telegraph Office in Tverskaya Street
 Jurny Golgorukomu, the founder of Moscow 800 years ago.
 A fancy supermarket
  Kremlin at Night
  Cathedral of the Christ the Savior


This cathedral was rebuilt by Gorbachev.

   State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
 A second building contains European paintings. No photography allowed. The gallery has a good selection of the Impressionist paintings.
  Church of the Ascension, Kolomenskoye
Church of the Kazan Mother of God Icon, Kolomenskoye