Jesus Paintings and Icons at Tretyakov Gallery, Moskow

  Tretyakov was a private collector.
  Jesus among Teachers
   John the Baptist
   In the Wilderness
   Jesus Returns to John


In the 15th century and earlier, paintings were often done on wooden boards, which bend along the tree rings. To minimize the bends, three or more wooden boards were used together with several horizontal braces to prevent the natural bend. The bent boards here show the natural tendency eventually dominated human devices.

Subsequently, canvasses were used instead.

   After the Last Supper
Sanhedrin Court
   What is Truth?
(Pilate to Jesus): What is Truth?
Herald of Resurrection
   Holy Face
  Pantocrator = Ruler of All
   Last Judgement
  (All holy) Mary in Orans (praying position)
   Old Testament
   Other icons