How many places an ascender visits before reaching Havona

  P.294 - §4 The defeated candidates for the Deity adventure are placed under the jurisdiction of the chiefs of assignment, a group of primary supernaphim, and are remanded to the work of the realms of space for a period of not less than one millennium. They never return to the superuniverse of their nativity, always to that supercreation most propitious for their retraining in preparation for the second Deity adventure.

Places to visit:

system: 22 = 7 mansion worlds + 7 transitional culture worlds + 7 satellites of the Father's world + Jerusem.



constellation: 771= 70 training worlds +700 minor worlds + Edentia

P.493 - §4 These seven hundred minor worlds are technical spheres of practical education in the working of the entire local universe and are open to all classes of intelligent beings. These training schools of special skill and technical knowledge are not conducted exclusively for ascending mortals, although morontia students constitute by far the largest group of all those who attend these courses of training. When you are received on any one of the seventy major worlds of social culture, you are immediately given clearance for each of the ten surrounding satellites.

P.494 - §1 The time spent on the seventy training worlds of transition morontia culture associated with the Edentia age of mortal ascension, is the most settled period in an ascending mortal's career up to the status of a finaliter; this is really the typical morontia life. While you are re-keyed each time you pass from one major cultural world to another, you retain the same morontia body, and there are no periods of personality unconsciousness.


local universe: 491 = 490 spheres + Salvington


minor sector: 8 = 7 educational spheres + Ensa

major sector: 80 = 70 study worlds + 10 major sector capitals.


superuniverse: 491 = 490 satellites + Uversa.

The total is 1863 worlds.



How much time to spend on these worlds?

From the sixth circuit, they become fourth/quartan stage spirits, and ascenders may fail and be sent back to another superuniverse, but they cannot be morontia beings. The lowest level to resume the ascendant career is from a minor sector of a different superuniverse.

From the minor sector to the superuniverse HQ, one needs to visit 579 worlds, spending more than one millenium. That is, one is expected to spend 2 years per world. Thus, the answer may not be too far from 2000 years.