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유란시아백과, ユランシア
書 百科, 真理書百科
(Korean, Japanese, Chinese). Sample translations in Chinese
(Paper 174, Paper 175,
Paper 179) To read these, first install the Chinese
language pack.

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I. The Central and Superuniverses

II. The Local Universe

III. The History of Urantia

IV. The Life and Teachings of Jesus

Gospel of Matthew Gospel of Mark Gospel of Luke
Gospel of John Paul’s Epistles Paintings
    Jean-François Millet

In-depth articles

Frequently Asked Questions




Almost everything you wanted to know about
the Tree of Life

the Boatbuilder and the Ancient Boat
(Saskia Raevouri)

Rosettes and the Tree
of life in Egypt

How to tell apart the Sleeping Subject from
other would-be imitators

Intraelectronic positions of ultimatons (original

the date of birth of Jesus of Nazareth, etc.
Bob Hurt

Revisiting Paradise – A New Perspective on
Well-Known Hints, Part I
, Alex Wall

Revisiting Paradise – A New Perspective on
Well-Known Hints, Part II
, Alex Wall

Mapping Havona, Alex Wall

Reality Scaffolding and Architecture of the
, Alex Wall

The Sun’s Surface Temperature, Mark Underwood

Sound of Silence and Thought Adjuster

What is the probability of survival?

When was the Foreword written?

Why Paul never visited Alexandria

Havona worlds in seven circuits

How many worlds to visit before reaching

Where did the Sanhedrin meet?

Where is the palace of the high priest Annas?

Greeks or Creeks? (p.947)

Meaning of nebula (as in ‘a barred nebula’)

Who Wrote the Revelation?

Jesus’ ascension, 40 days or 50 days?

Did Jesus eat or drink after resurrection?

Jesus’ interaction with mortals after

Evil Eye

Where the first octave begins

Caesar’s denarii

the Milky Way Orvonton?
, Dan Massey

How large is Orvonton,
really? (and other questions)
, Norm Du Val

Truth, Beauty and Goodness–84 Uses in the UB,
Rick Warren

Origin of Urantia

Graphic timeline of evolution

China timeline through pottery

Chinese coins


Roman Empire

Roman Emperors




Chinese Culture Japan/Macao Related Sites

Paper 174 in Chinese
Choose Chinese character encoding. For instance in Firefox, choose View,
Character Encoding, Autodetect and Chinese. In Chrome, choose conrol
Current page on the right, encoding and autodetect. In Internet Explorer,
go to View/Page, then encoding, and choose unicode UTF-8, and the paper
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Shenzhen Ballet


Ancient Chinese jade artifacts
Buddhists worship service

Ming Tombs, Great Wall
Dragon’s Back trail, Shing
Mun trail

Qian Men Street, Beijing

Old Culture Street, Tianjin
Zen Buddhism, Zen teachings
of respecting life

Zhangjiajie, Shaolin Temple, Changsha, Zhengzhou,

Cavalry Battle of Jin (Andite cavalrymen
in Asia)

Korean pottery

Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Buddhist Temples + Himeji castle

Todaiji Buddhist temple + Kasuga Shinto shrine,

Japanese History
Japanese pottery
Japanese Coins


The House of Dancing Water,

Dancing Water II

Hakka village in Shinju, Taiwan

Terracotta Warriors of Qin

Atlanta Urantia Study

Master Universe

Urantia Book Astronomy

Urantia Garden

Urantia Book Historical Society

Urantia Book Related Web Sites


Kary Mullis (A Nobel laureate
in chemistry cites academic papers that confirm the statements in the

Urantia Foundation, Korean page

유란시아 한국 (Korean
Urantia site
Korean Blog Site


UB in the News

Origin of the Urantia Papers, Kristen Maaherra’s
summary from UBhistory.org

Abner’s church? Matt Neibaur

Comparison of Military Power of Germany, Japan
and the US before WWII

Italy Israel/Russia World’s Best paintings

How to Follow Jesus in Rome
Colosseum, Ostia

Bergamo, Brescia,
Certosa di Pavia
Bologna, Venice

Etruscan artifacts, Perugia
Frescoes of the Cappella Brancacci, Florence
Florence, Milan,
Milan Cathedral

Maritime Museum of Genoa
Sculptures in Naples Archeological Museum
Ancient Roman paintings from Pompeii, Herculaneum
and Stabiae during the time of Jesus
Roman houses in Pompeii, and Herculaneum
in AD 79
Siena, Pisa, Lucca,
The Life of Jesus in Paintings at Pinacoteca
Nazionale, Siena

Religious paintings in the Vatican Museum, Rome
Paintings in the Raphael Rooms
The Life of Jesus in Paintings at the Vatican
The Life of Jesus in Paintings at Pinacoteca
Nazionale, Bologna

The Life of Jesus in Paintings at Gallerie dell’
Accademia, Venice

The Life of Jesus in Paintings at Pinacoteca del
Castello Sforzesco, Milan
, Sforza Castle
Rare paintings at Pinacoteca Capitolina, Rome

How to Follow Jesus by Car (in Israel)
Nazareth, Cana ,
Sea of Galilee
Capernaum, Capernaum
Greek Orthodox Church, Capernaum

Mount of Beatitudes
Magdala, Masada,
Jerusalem, Holy
Sepulchur Church
, Garden Tomb,

Resurrection Church, St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

Peterhof palace, St. Petersburg
The Life of Jesus in the Paintings at the Hermitage
History paintings at the Hermitage
Impressionist paintings at the Hermitage


Jesus paintings and icons at Tretyakov Gallery
Russian paintings at Tretyakov Gallery


The Life of Jesus in Paintings at National Gallery
in Prague
(Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia)
Czech paintings at National Gstallery in Prague
(Convent of St. George)

Gabriel’s Annunciation
The Holy Family

The Last Supper
The Wedding Feast at Cana
Ecce Homo


Germany Rest of Europe USA

Paintings at Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin
The Life of Jesus, BC 8 – AD 20, in Paintings
at Gemäldegalerie, Berlin
The Life of Jesus, AD 21 – 30, in Paintings
at Gemädegalerie, Berlin

Old Testament paintings at Gemäldegalerie,

Greek Pottery in Altes
Museum, Berlin

Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam
St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Munich, Munich,
Salzburg, Austria
Greek Pottery in Greek and Roman Artifacts Museum,
, more,
The Life of Jesus in Paintings at Alte Pinacothek,
European paintings at Alte Pinacothek

Porcelain collections
in Zwinger
, Dresden oldtown,
The Life of Jesus in Paintings at Old Masters Gallery, Dresden

Religious Paintings at Kunsthalle, Hamburg

Helsinki, Tallinn

Paintings at Versailles, Paris
The Life of Jesus, BC 8 – AD 20, in Paintings at
Louvre Museum

The Life of Jesus, AD 21 – 30, in Paintings at
Louvre Museum

European paintings at Louvre Museum

Gdansk, Poland
Brussels, Royal Museums of Fine Arts, Brussels

Corinth, Athens,
Knossos Palace, Crete
On the island of Crete, Thessaloniki

Zurich, Lichtenstein,
Jungfrau, Lucerne

The Life of Jesus in Paintings at the Art Institute
of Chicago

The Life of Jesus in Paintings at the Detroit Institute
of Art

The Life of Jesus in Paintings at the Metropolitan
Museum of Art, New York

The Life of Jesus in Paintings at Legion of Honor,
San Francisco

The Life of Jesus in Paintings at Philadelphia
Museum of Art
Religious and Impressionist paintings at
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Religious and Impressionist paintings at Nelson-Atkins
Museum of Art

The Life of Jesus in paintings at the National
Gallery of Art

Other paintings at the National Gallery of Art
The Life of Jesus in Paintings at the Minneapolis
Institute of Arts


Thumbnails of maps are copyrighted 2008 by Biblos.com,
used by permission.

The image of Ecce Homo by Antonio Ciseri is used by permission from
Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Florence.
Firenze, 22 Mar. 2012
N. ord. 47 P
Prot. 28.13.10-3289

Two Ancient maps of Jerusalem by Antonio
de Castillo (1666) [The original maps were published in 1654] are used
with permission from Robert D. Farber University Archives &
Special Collections Department, Brandeis University

Adrichem, Christiaan van, 1533-1585
IERVSALEM, et suburbia eius, sicut tempore Christi
floruit, cum locis, in quibus Christus passus est. (with English
translation, 11Mb) [1584]

(27 Mb, be patient)

This ancient map of Jerusalem is used with permission. The National
Library of Israel, Shapell Family Digitization Project, Eran Laor Cartographic
Collection, and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dept. of Geography,
Historic Cities Project.


  Jesus’ travel maps
dates in Jesus’ earth family

Ecce Homo by Antonio Ciseri,
Galleria d’Arte Moderna (used by permission)