Paper 35 – The Local Universe Mother Spirit

P.384 – §1 The Sons of God previously
introduced have had a Paradise origin. They are the offspring of the divine
Rulers of the universal domains. Of the first Paradise order of sonship,
the Creator Sons, there is in Nebadon only one, Michael, the universe father
and sovereign. Of the second order of Paradise sonship, the Avonal or Magisterial
Sons, Nebadon has its full quota — 1,062. And these "lesser Christs"
are just as effective and all-powerful in their planetary bestowals as was
the Creator and Master Son on Urantia. The third order, being of Trinity
origin, do not register in a local universe, but I estimate there are in
Nebadon between fifteen and twenty thousand Trinity Teacher Sons exclusive
of 9,642 creature-trinitized assistants of record. These Paradise Daynals
are neither magistrates nor administrators; they are superteachers.

P.384 – §2 The types of Sons about to be considered
are of local universe origin; they are the offspring of a Paradise Creator
Son in varied association with the complemental Universe Mother Spirit.
The following orders of local universe sonship find mention in these narratives:

P.384 – §3 1. Melchizedek Sons.

P.384 – §4 2. Vorondadek Sons.

P.384 – §5 3. Lanonandek Sons.

P.384 – §6 4. Life Carrier Sons.

P.384 – §7 Triune Paradise Deity functions for the
creation of three orders of sonship: the Michaels, the Avonals, and the
Daynals. Dual Deity in the local universe, the Son and the Spirit, also
functions in the creation of three high orders of Sons: the Melchizedeks,
the Vorondadeks, and the Lanonandeks; and having achieved this threefold
expression, they collaborate with the next level of God the Sevenfold
in the production of the versatile order of Life Carriers. These beings
are classified with the descending Sons of God, but they are a unique
and original form of universe life. Their consideration will occupy the
whole of the next paper.


P.384 – §8 After bringing into existence the beings of personal
aid, such as the Bright and Morning Star and other administrative personalities,
in accordance with the divine purpose and creative plans of a given universe,
there occurs a new form of creative union between the Creator Son and
the Creative Spirit, the local universe Daughter of the Infinite Spirit.
The personality offspring resulting from this creative partnership is
the original Melchizedek–the Father

P.385 – §0 Melchizedek–that unique being who subsequently collaborates
with the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit to bring into existence the
entire group of that name.

P.385 – §1 In the universe of Nebadon the Father Melchizedek acts
as the first executive associate of the Bright and Morning Star. Gabriel
is occupied more with universe policies, Melchizedek with practical procedures.
Gabriel presides over the regularly constituted tribunals and councils
of Nebadon, Melchizedek over the special, extraordinary, and emergency
commissions and advisory bodies. Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek are
never away from Salvington at the same time, for in Gabriel’s absence
the Father Melchizedek functions as the chief executive of Nebadon.

Father Melchizedek

P.385 – §2 The Melchizedeks of our universe were
all created within one millennial period of standard time by the Creator
Son and the Creative Spirit in liaison with the Father Melchizedek. Being
an order of sonship wherein one of their own number functioned as co-ordinate
creator, Melchizedeks are in constitution partly of self-origin and therefore
candidates for the realization of a supernal type of self-government.
They periodically elect their own administrative chief for a term of seven
years of standard time and otherwise function as a self-regulating order,
though the original Melchizedek does exercise certain inherent coparental
prerogatives. From time to time this Father Melchizedek designates certain
individuals of his order to function as special Life Carriers to the midsonite
worlds, a type of inhabited planet not heretofore revealed on Urantia.

P.385 – §3 The Melchizedeks do not function extensively
outside the local universe except when they are called as witnesses in
matters pending before the tribunals of the superuniverse, and when designated
special ambassadors, as they sometimes are, representing one universe
to another in the same superuniverse. The original or first-born Melchizedek
of each universe is always at liberty to journey to the neighboring universes
or to Paradise on missions having to do with the interests and duties
of his order.


P.385 – §4 The Melchizedeks are the first order of divine Sons to
approach sufficiently near the lower creature life to be able to function
directly in the ministry of mortal uplift, to serve the evolutionary races
without the necessity of incarnation. These Sons are naturally at the
mid-point of the great personality descent, by origin being just about
midway between the highest Divinity and the lowest creature life of will
endowment. They thus become the natural intermediaries between the higher
and divine levels of living existence and the lower, even the material,
forms of life on the evolutionary worlds. The seraphic orders, the angels,
delight to work with the Melchizedeks; in fact, all forms of intelligent
life find in these Sons understanding friends, sympathetic teachers, and
wise counselors.

P.385 – §5 The Melchizedeks are a self-governing order. With this
unique group we encounter the first attempt at self-determination on the
part of local universe beings and observe the highest type of true self-government.
These Sons organize their own machinery for their group and home-planet
administration, as well as that for the six associated spheres and their
tributary worlds. And it should be recorded that they have never abused
their prerogatives; not once

P.386 – §0 throughout all the superuniverse of Orvonton have these
Melchizedek Sons ever betrayed their trust. They are the hope of every
universe group which aspires to self-government; they are the pattern
and the teachers of self-government to all the spheres of Nebadon. All
orders of intelligent beings, superiors from above and subordinates from
below, are wholehearted in their praise of the government of the Melchizedeks.

Melchizedek Sons

P.386 – §1 The Melchizedek order of sonship occupies
the position, and assumes the responsibility, of the eldest son in a large
family. Most of their work is regular and somewhat routine, but much of
it is voluntary and altogether self-imposed. A majority of the special
assemblies which, from time to time, convene on Salvington are called
on motion of the Melchizedeks. On their own initiative these Sons patrol
their native universe. They maintain an autonomous organization devoted
to universe intelligence, making periodical reports to the Creator Son
independent of all information coming up to universe headquarters through
the regular agencies concerned with the routine administration of the
realm. They are by nature unprejudiced observers; they have the full confidence
of all classes of intelligent beings.

P.386 – §2 The Melchizedeks function as mobile and
advisory review courts of the realms; these universe Sons go in small
groups to the worlds to serve as advisory commissions, to take depositions,
to receive suggestions, and to act as counselors, thus helping to compose
the major difficulties and settle the serious differences which arise
from time to time in the affairs of the evolutionary domains.

P.386 – §3 These eldest Sons of a universe are the
chief aids of the Bright and Morning Star in carrying out the mandates
of the Creator Son. When a Melchizedek goes to a remote world in the name
of Gabriel, he may, for the purposes of that particular mission, be deputized
in the name of the sender and in that event will appear on the planet
of assignment with the full authority of the Bright and Morning Star.
Especially is this true on those spheres where a higher Son has not yet
appeared in the likeness of the creatures of the realm.

P.386 – §4 When a Creator Son enters upon the bestowal
career on an evolutionary world, he goes alone; but when one of his Paradise
brothers, an Avonal Son, enters upon a bestowal, he is accompanied by
the Melchizedek supporters, twelve in number, who so efficiently contribute
to the success of the bestowal mission. They also support the Paradise
Avonals on magisterial missions to the inhabited worlds, and in these
assignments the Melchizedeks are visible to mortal eyes if the Avonal
Son is also thus manifest.

P.386 – §5 There is no phase of planetary spiritual
need to which they do not minister. They are the teachers who so often
win whole worlds of advanced life to the final and full recognition of
the Creator Son and his Paradise Father.

P.386 – §6 The Melchizedeks are well-nigh perfect
in wisdom, but they are not infallible in judgment. When detached and
alone on planetary missions, they have sometimes erred in minor matters,
that is, they have elected to do certain things which their supervisors
did not subsequently approve. Such an error of judgment temporarily disqualifies
a Melchizedek until he goes to Salvington and, in audience with the Creator
Son, receives that instruction which effectually purges him of the disharmony
which caused disagreement with his fellows; and then, following the correctional
rest, reinstatement to service ensues on the third day. But these minor
misadaptations in Melchizedek function have rarely occurred in Nebadon.

P.387 – §1 These Sons are not an increasing order;
their number is stationary, although varying in each local universe. The
number of Melchizedeks of record on their headquarters planet in Nebadon
is upward of ten million.


P.387 – §2 The Melchizedeks occupy a world of their own near Salvington,
the universe headquarters. This sphere, by name Melchizedek, is the pilot
world of the Salvington circuit of seventy primary spheres, each of which
is encircled by six tributary spheres devoted to specialized activities.
These marvelous spheres–seventy primaries and 420 tributaries–are often
spoken of as the Melchizedek University. Ascending mortals from all the
constellations of Nebadon pass through training on all 490 worlds in the
acquirement of residential status on Salvington. But the education of
ascenders is only one phase of the manifold activities taking place on
the Salvington cluster of architectural spheres.

Melchizedek worlds

P.387 – §3 The 490 spheres of the Salvington circuit are divided
into ten groups, each containing seven primary and forty-two tributary
spheres. Each of these groups is under the general supervision of some
one of the major orders of universe life. The first group, embracing the
pilot world and the next six primary spheres in the encircling planetary
procession, is under the supervision of the Melchizedeks. These Melchizedek
worlds are:

"the pilot world and the next six primary spheres
in the encircling planetary procession" seems to suggest that the seven
primary spheres are lined up in single file, instead of the pilot world
being surrounded by six primary spheres.

P.387 – §4 1. The pilot world–the home world of the Melchizedek

P.387 – §5 2. The world of the physical-life schools and the laboratories
of living energies.

P.387 – §6 3. The world of morontia life.

P.387 – §7 4. The sphere of initial spirit life.

P.387 – §8 5. The world of mid-spirit life.

P.387 – §9 6. The sphere of advancing spirit life.

P.387 – §10 7. The domain of co-ordinate and supreme self-realization.


P.387 – §11 The six tributary worlds of each of
these Melchizedek spheres are devoted to activities germane to the work
of the associated primary sphere.

P.387 – §12 The pilot world, the sphere Melchizedek,
is the common meeting ground for all beings who are engaged in educating
and spiritualizing the ascending mortals of time and space. To an ascender
this world is probably the most interesting place in all Nebadon. All
evolutionary mortals who graduate from their constellation training are
destined to land on Melchizedek, where they are initiated into the regime
of the disciplines and spirit progression of the Salvington educational
system. And never will you forget your reactions to the first day of life
on this unique world, not even after you have reached your Paradise destination.

P.387 – §13 Ascending mortals maintain residence
on the Melchizedek world while pursuing their training on the six encircling
planets of specialized education. And this same method is adhered to throughout
their sojourn on the seventy cultural worlds, the primary spheres of the
Salvington circuit.

P.387 – §14 Many diverse activities occupy the time
of the numerous beings who reside on the six tributary worlds of the Melchizedek
sphere, but as concerns the ascending

P.388 – §0 mortals, these satellites are devoted
to the following special phases of study:

P.388 – §1 1. Sphere number one is occupied with
the review of the initial planetary life of the ascending mortals. This
work is carried on in classes composed of those who hail from a given
world of mortal origin. Those from Urantia pursue such an experiential
review together.

P.388 – §2 2. The special work of sphere number two
consists in a similar review of the experiences passed through on the
mansion worlds encircling the premier satellite of the local system headquarters.

P.388 – §3 3. The reviews of this sphere pertain
to the sojourn on the capital of the local system and embrace the activities
of the remainder of the architectural worlds of the system headquarters

P.388 – §4 4. The fourth sphere is occupied with
a review of the experiences of the seventy tributary worlds of the constellation
and of their associated spheres.

P.388 – §5 5. On the fifth sphere there is conducted
the review of the ascendant sojourn on the constellation headquarters

P.388 – §6 6. The time on sphere number six is devoted
to an attempt to correlate these five epochs and thus achieve co-ordination
of experience preparatory to entering the Melchizedek primary schools
of universe training.

P.388 – §7 The schools of universe administration
and spiritual wisdom are located on the Melchizedek home world, where
also are to be found those schools devoted to a single line of research,
such as energy, matter, organization, communication, records, ethics,
and comparative creature existence.

P.388 – §8 In the Melchizedek College of Spiritual
Endowment all orders–even the Paradise orders–of the Sons of God co-operate
with the Melchizedek and the seraphic teachers in training the hosts who
go forth as evangels of destiny, proclaiming spiritual liberty and divine
sonship even to the remote worlds of the universe. This particular school
of the Melchizedek University is an exclusive universe institution; student
visitors are not received from other realms.

P.388 – §9 The highest course of training in universe
administration is given by the Melchizedeks on their home world. This
College of High Ethics is presided over by the original Father Melchizedek.
It is to these schools that the various universes send exchange students.
While the young universe of Nebadon stands low in the scale of universes
as regards spiritual achievement and high ethical development, nevertheless,
our administrative troubles have so turned the whole universe into a vast
clinic for other near-by creations that the Melchizedek colleges are thronged
with student visitors and observers from other realms. Besides the immense
group of local registrants there are always upward of one hundred thousand
foreign students in attendance upon the Melchizedek schools, for the order
of Melchizedeks in Nebadon is renowned throughout all Splandon.


P.388 – §10 A highly specialized branch of Melchizedek activities
has to do with the supervision of the progressive morontia career of the
ascending mortals. Much of this training is conducted by the patient and
wise seraphic ministers, assisted by mortals who have ascended to relatively
higher levels of universe attainment,

P.389 – §0 but all of this educational work is under the general
supervision of the Melchizedeks in association with the Trinity Teacher

P.389 – §1 While the Melchizedek orders are chiefly devoted to the
vast educational system and experiential training regime of the local
universe, they also function in unique assignments and in unusual circumstances.
In an evolving universe eventually embracing approximately ten million
inhabited worlds, many things out of the ordinary are destined to happen,
and it is in such emergencies that the Melchizedeks act. On Edentia, your
constellation headquarters, they are known as emergency Sons. They are
always ready to serve in all exigencies–physical, intellectual, or spiritual–whether
on a planet, in a system, in a constellation, or in the universe. Whenever
and wherever special help is needed, there you will find one or more of
the Melchizedek Sons.

P.389 – §2 When failure of some feature of the Creator Son’s plan
is threatened, forthwith will go a Melchizedek to render assistance. But
not often are they summoned to function in the presence of sinful rebellion,
such as occurred in Satania.

P.389 – §3 The Melchizedeks are the first to act in all emergencies
of whatever nature on all worlds where will creatures dwell. They sometimes
act as temporary custodians on wayward planets, serving as receivers of
a defaulting planetary government. In a planetary crisis these Melchizedek
Sons serve in many unique capacities. It is easily possible for such a
Son to make himself visible to mortal beings, and sometimes one of this
order has even incarnated in the likeness of mortal flesh. Seven times
in Nebadon has a Melchizedek served on an evolutionary world in the similitude
of mortal flesh, and on numerous occasions these Sons have appeared in
the likeness of other orders of universe creatures. They are indeed the
versatile and volunteer emergency ministers to all orders of universe
intelligences and to all the worlds and systems of worlds.

P.389 – §4 The Melchizedek who lived on Urantia during the time
of Abraham was locally known as Prince of Salem because he presided over
a small colony of truth seekers residing at a place called Salem. He volunteered
to incarnate in the likeness of mortal flesh and did so with the approval
of the Melchizedek receivers of the planet, who feared that the light
of life would become extinguished during that period of increasing spiritual
darkness. And he did foster the truth of his day and safely pass it on
to Abraham and his associates.


P.389 – §5 After the creation of the personal aids and the first
group of the versatile Melchizedeks, the Creator Son and the local universe
Creative Spirit planned for, and brought into existence, the second great
and diverse order of universe sonship, the Vorondadeks. They are more
generally known as Constellation Fathers because a Son of this order is
uniformly found at the head of each constellation government in every
local universe.

P.389 – §6 The number of Vorondadeks varies in each local universe,
just one million being the recorded number in Nebadon. These Sons, like
their co-ordinates, the Melchizedeks, possess no power of reproduction.
There exists no known method whereby they can increase their numbers.

P.389 – §7 In many respects these Sons are a self-governing body;
as individuals and as groups, even as a whole, they are largely self-determinative,
much as are the
P.390 – §0 Melchizedeks, but Vorondadeks do not function through
such a wide range of activities. They do not equal their Melchizedek brethren
in brilliant versatility, but they are even more reliable and efficient
as rulers and farseeing administrators. Neither are they quite the administrative
peers of their subordinates, the Lanonandek System Sovereigns, but they
excel all orders of universe sonship in stability of purpose and in divinity
of judgment.

Vorondadek Sons


P.390 – §1 Although the decisions and rulings of
this order of Sons are always in accordance with the spirit of divine
sonship and in harmony with the policies of the Creator Son, they have
been cited for error to the Creator Son, and in details of technique their
decisions have sometimes been reversed on appeal to the superior tribunals
of the universe. But these Sons rarely fall into error, and they have
never gone into rebellion; never in all the history of Nebadon has a Vorondadek
been found in contempt of the universe government.

P.390 – §2 The service of the Vorondadeks in the
local universes is extensive and varied. They serve as ambassadors to
other universes and as consuls representing constellations within their
native universe. Of all orders of local universe sonship they are the
most often intrusted with the full delegation of sovereign powers to be
exercised in critical universe situations.

P.390 – §3 On those worlds segregated in spiritual
darkness, those spheres which have, through rebellion and default, suffered
planetary isolation, an observer Vorondadek is usually present pending
the restoration of normal status. In certain emergencies this Most High
observer could exercise absolute and arbitrary authority over every celestial
being assigned to that planet. It is of record on Salvington that the
Vorondadeks have sometimes exercised such authority as Most High regents
of such planets. And this has also been true even of inhabited worlds
that were untouched by rebellion.

P.390 – §4 Often a corps of twelve or more Vorondadek
Sons sits en banc as a high court of review and appeal concerning special
cases involving the status of a planet or a system. But their work more
largely pertains to the legislative functions indigenous to the constellation
governments. As a result of all these services, the Vorondadek Sons have
become the historians of the local universes; they are personally familiar
with all the political struggles and the social upheavals of the inhabited



P.390 – §5 At least three Vorondadeks are assigned
to the rulership of each of the one hundred constellations of a local
universe. These Sons are selected by the Creator Son and are commissioned
by Gabriel as the Most Highs of the constellations for service during
one dekamillennium–10,000 standard years, about 50,000 years of Urantia
time. The reigning Most High, the Constellation Father, has two associates,
a senior and a junior. At each change of administration the senior associate
becomes the head of the government, the junior assumes the duties of the
senior, while the unassigned Vorondadeks resident on the Salvington worlds
nominate one of their number as candidate for selection to assume the
responsibilities of junior associate. Thus each of the Most High rulers,
in accordance with present policy, has a period of service on the headquarters
of a constellation of three dekamillenniums, about 150,000 Urantia years.

P.390 – §6 The one hundred Constellation Fathers,
the actual presiding heads of the constellation governments, constitute
the supreme advisory cabinet of the Creator

P.391 – §0 Son. This council is in frequent session
at universe headquarters and is unlimited in the scope and range of its
deliberations but is chiefly concerned with the welfare of the constellations
and with the unification of the administration of the entire local universe.

P.391 – §1 When a Constellation Father is in attendance
upon duties at the universe headquarters as he frequently is, the senior
associate becomes acting director of constellation affairs. The normal
function of the senior associate is the oversight of spiritual affairs,
while the junior associate is personally occupied with the physical welfare
of the constellation. No major policy, however, is ever carried out in
a constellation unless all three of the Most Highs are agreed upon all
the details of its execution.

P.391 – §2 The entire mechanism of spirit intelligence
and communication channels is at the disposal of the constellation Most
Highs. They are in perfect touch with their superiors on Salvington and
with their direct subordinates, the sovereigns of the local systems. They
frequently convene in council with these System Sovereigns to deliberate
upon the state of the constellation.

P.391 – §3 The Most Highs surround themselves with
a corps of counselors, which varies in number and personnel from time
to time in accordance with the presence of the various groups at constellation
headquarters and also as the local requirements vary. During times of
stress they may ask for, and will quickly receive, additional Sons of
the Vorondadek order to assist with the administrative work. Norlatiadek,
your own constellation, is at present administered by twelve Vorondadek



P.391 – §4 The second group of seven worlds in the
circuit of seventy primary spheres surrounding Salvington comprise the
Vorondadek planets. Each of these spheres, with its six encircling satellites,
is devoted to a special phase of Vorondadek activities. On these forty-nine
realms the ascending mortals secure the acme of their education respecting
universe legislation.

P.391 – §5 The ascending mortals have observed the
legislative assemblies as they functioned on the headquarters worlds of
the constellations, but here on these Vorondadek worlds they participate
in the enactment of the actual general legislation of the local universe
under the tutelage of the senior Vorondadeks. Such enactments are designed
to co-ordinate the varied pronouncements of the autonomous legislative
assemblies of the one hundred constellations. The instruction to be had
in the Vorondadek schools is unexcelled even on Uversa. This training
is progressive, extending from the first sphere, with supplemental work
on its six satellites, on up through the remaining six primary spheres
and their associated satellite groups.

P.391 – §6 The ascending pilgrims will be introduced
to numerous new activities on these worlds of study and practical work.
We are not forbidden to undertake the revelation of these new and undreamed-of
pursuits, but we despair of being able to portray these undertakings to
the material mind of mortal beings. We are without words to convey the
meanings of these supernal activities, and there are no analogous human
engagements which might be utilized as illustrations of these new occupations
of the ascending mortals as they pursue their studies on these forty-nine
worlds. And many other activities, not a part of the ascendant regime,
are centered on these Vorondadek worlds of the Salvington circuit.

Vorondadek worlds


P.392 – §1 After the creation of the Vorondadeks,
the Creator Son and the Universe Mother Spirit unite for the purpose of
bringing into existence the third order of universe sonship, the Lanonandeks.
Although occupied with varied tasks connected with the system administrations,
they are best known as System Sovereigns, the rulers of the local systems,
and as Planetary Princes, the administrative heads of the inhabited worlds.

P.392 – §2 Being a later and lower–as concerns divinity
levels–order of sonship creation, these beings were required to pass
through certain courses of training on the Melchizedek worlds in preparation
for subsequent service. They were the first students in the Melchizedek
University and were classified and certified by their Melchizedek teachers
and examiners according to ability, personality, and attainment.

P.392 – §3 The universe of Nebadon began its existence
with exactly twelve million Lanonandeks, and when they had passed through
the Melchizedek sphere, they were divided in the final tests into three

P.392 – §4 1. Primary Lanonandeks. Of the highest
rank there were 709,841. These are the Sons designated as System Sovereigns
and assistants to the supreme councils of the constellations and as counselors
in the higher administrative work of the universe.

P.392 – §5 2. Secondary Lanonandeks. Of this order
emerging from Melchizedek there were 10,234,601. They are assigned as
Planetary Princes and to the reserves of that order.

P.392 – §6 3. Tertiary Lanonandeks. This group contained
1,055,558. These Sons function as subordinate assistants, messengers,
custodians, commissioners, observers, and prosecute the miscellaneous
duties of a system and its component worlds.

Lanonandek Sons

P.392 – §7 It is not possible, as it is with evolutionary
beings, for these Sons to progress from one group to another. When subjected
to the Melchizedek training, when once tested and classified, they serve
continuously in the rank assigned. Neither do these Sons engage in reproduction;
their number in the universe is stationary.

P.392 – §8 In round numbers the Lanonandek order
of Sons is classified on Salvington as follows:

P.392 – §9 Universe Co-ordinators and Constellation
Counselors . . . .100,000

P.392 – §10 System Sovereigns and Assistants . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . 600,000

P.392 – §11 Planetary Princes and Reserves . . .
. . . . .. . . . . . . 10,000,000

P.392 – §12 Messenger Corps . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 400,000

P.392 – §13 Custodians and Recorders . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100,000

P.392 – §14 Reserve Corps . . . . . . . . . .. .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 800,000

P.392 – §15 Since Lanonandeks are a somewhat lower
order of sonship than the Melchizedeks and the Vorondadeks, they are of
even greater service in the subordinate units of the universe, for they
are capable of drawing nearer the lower creatures of the intelligent races.
They also stand in greater danger of going astray, of departing from the
acceptable technique of universe government. But these Lanonandeks, especially
the primary order, are the most able and versatile of
P.393 – §0 all local universe administrators. In executive ability
they are excelled only by Gabriel and his unrevealed associates.



P.393 – §1 The Lanonandeks are the continuous rulers
of the planets and the rotating sovereigns of the systems. Such a Son
now rules on Jerusem, the headquarters of your local system of inhabited

P.393 – §2 The System Sovereigns rule in commissions
of two or three on the headquarters of each system of inhabited worlds.
The Constellation Father names one of these Lanonandeks as chief every
dekamillennium. Sometimes no change in the head of the trio is made, the
matter being entirely optional with the constellation rulers. System governments
do not suddenly change in personnel unless a tragedy of some sort occurs.

P.393 – §3 When System Sovereigns or assistants are
recalled, their places are filled by selections made by the supreme council
located on the constellation headquarters from the reserves of that order,
a group which is larger on Edentia than the average indicated.

P.393 – §4 The supreme Lanonandek councils are stationed
on the various constellation headquarters. Such a body is presided over
by the senior Most High associate of the Constellation Father, while the
junior associate supervises the reserves of the secondary order.

Lanonandek council

P.393 – §5 The System Sovereigns are true to their
names; they are well-nigh sovereign in the local affairs of the inhabited
worlds. They are almost paternal in their direction of the Planetary Princes,
the Material Sons, and the ministering spirits. The personal grasp of
the sovereign is all but complete. These rulers are not supervised by
Trinity observers from the central universe. They are the executive division
of the local universe, and as custodians of the enforcement of legislative
mandates and as executives for the application of judicial verdicts, they
present the one place in all universe administration where personal disloyalty
to the will of the Michael Son could most easily and readily intrench
itself and seek to assert itself.

P.393 – §6 Our local universe has been unfortunate
in that over seven hundred Sons of the Lanonandek order have rebelled
against the universe government, thus precipitating confusion in several
systems and on numerous planets. Of this entire number of failures only
three were System Sovereigns; practically all of these Sons belonged to
the second and third orders, Planetary Princes and tertiary Lanonandeks.

P.393 – §7 The large number of these Sons who have
lapsed from integrity does not indicate any fault in creatorship. They
could have been made divinely perfect, but they were so created that they
might better understand, and draw near to, the evolutionary creatures
dwelling on the worlds of time and space.

P.393 – §8 Of all the local universes in Orvonton,
our universe has, with the exception of Henselon, lost the largest number
of this order of Sons. On Uversa it is the consensus that we have had
so much administrative trouble in Nebadon because our Sons of the Lanonandek
order have been created with such a large degree of personal liberty in
choosing and planning. I do not make this observation by way of criticism.
The Creator of our universe has full authority and power to do this. It
is the contention of our high rulers that, while such free-choosing

P.394 – §0 Sons make excessive trouble in the earlier
ages of the universe, when things are fully sifted and finally settled,
the gains of higher loyalty and fuller volitional service on the part
of these thoroughly tested Sons will far more than compensate for the
confusion and tribulations of earlier times.

P.394 – §1 In the event of rebellion on a system
headquarters, a new sovereign is usually installed within a comparatively
short time, but not so on the individual planets. They are the component
units of the material creation, and creature free will is a factor in
the final adjudication of all such problems. Successor Planetary Princes
are designated for isolated worlds, planets whose princes of authority
may have gone astray, but they do not assume active rulership of such
worlds until the results of insurrection are partially overcome and removed
by the remedial measures adopted by the Melchizedeks and other ministering
personalities. Rebellion by a Planetary Prince instantly isolates his
planet; the local spiritual circuits are immediately severed. Only a bestowal
Son can re-establish interplanetary lines of communication on such a spiritually
isolated world.

P.394 – §2 There exists a plan for saving these wayward
and unwise Sons, and many have availed themselves of this merciful provision;
but never again may they function in those positions wherein they defaulted.
After rehabilitation they are assigned to custodial duties and to departments
of physical administration.



P.394 – §3 The third group of seven worlds in the
Salvington circuit of seventy planets, with their respective forty-two
satellites, constitute the Lanonandek cluster of administrative spheres.
On these realms the experienced Lanonandeks belonging to the ex-System
Sovereign corps officiate as administrative teachers of the ascending
pilgrims and the seraphic hosts. The evolutionary mortals observe the
system administrators at work on the system capitals, but here they participate
in the actual co-ordination of the administrative pronouncements of the
ten thousand local systems.

P.394 – §4 These administrative schools of the local
universe are supervised by a corps of Lanonandek Sons who have had long
experience as System Sovereigns and as constellation counselors. These
executive colleges are excelled only by the administrative schools of

P.394 – §5 While serving as training spheres for
ascending mortals, the Lanonandek worlds are the centers for extensive
undertakings having to do with the normal and routine administrative operations
of the universe. All the way in to Paradise the ascending pilgrims pursue
their studies in the practical schools of applied knowledge–actual training
in really doing the things they are being taught. The universe educational
system sponsored by the Melchizedeks is practical, progressive, meaningful,
and experiential. It embraces training in things material, intellectual,
morontial, and spiritual.

Lanonandek worlds

P.394 – §6 It is in connection with these administrative
spheres of the Lanonandeks that most of the salvaged Sons of that order
serve as custodians and directors of planetary affairs. And these defaulting
Planetary Princes and their associates in rebellion who choose to accept
the proffered rehabilitation will continue to serve in these routine capacities,
at least until the universe of Nebadon is settled in light and life.

P.395 – §1 Many of the Lanonandek Sons in the older
systems, however, have established wonderful records of service, administration,
and spiritual achievement. They are a noble, faithful, and loyal group,
notwithstanding their tendency to fall into error through fallacies of
personal liberty and fictions of self-determination.

P.395 – §2 [Sponsored by the Chief of Archangels
acting by authority of Gabriel of Salvington.]